Sunday, June 12, 2011

In Dan’s Garage…#60

   Hello once again friends and followers. As you can see the posts have been somewhat sparse these days. It’s not that I’m losing interest, it’s just that my work hours have shifted somewhat so I have to show up earlier than normal, and I’m not getting out any sooner either. I dig the overtime and all, but this whole deal has been messing with my mojo and I’m real pooped at the end of the day. Besides, now that it’s summer, I have more junk to deal with than usual. When I do have some time to meditate, I do it by spinning a bunch of 45s and passing them on. It’s all real cathartic, and therapeutic, and blah blah blah. I return to “normal” work hours next month, so hopefully I won’t be quite as tired.
   I’m planning on doing a post real soon on Rochester eateries, specifically hot dog and burger joints. There are literally hundreds here in the area that specialize in these treats, and I’m not talking hot dog stands on the street. There’s bunches, so I’ll be waxing poetic on the subject of “Zweigles white hots”, “ground steaks”, “garbage plates”, and “hot sauce”. In the meantime enjoy this latest batch of platters. I opened a box last week which tuned out to be “common” stuff, but had a couple dozen obscurities thrown in there by mistake. I hope you like ‘em.
Ohio Express – Beg, Borrow, And Steal (1967)ohio express'
This 45 is accompanied by one of the craziest stories I’ve ever heard. This 45 was indeed produced by Kasenetz & Katz, the “geniuses” behind such groups as The Music Explosion, and many bubblegum groups including The Ohio Express who’s “Yummy, Yummy, Yummy” was a huge hit. The problem is, this isn’t The Ohio Express. This is actually a New York group called The Rare Breed who “K&K” got a hold of in 1966 and released this very song on Attack records. The Rare Breed were not down with the way they were being handled and left K&K’s company. Being left without a group K&K reissued this as The Ohio Express and had a sizeable hit with it. The Rare Breed did have another 45 before they parted company with K&K, a great version of “Come On Down To My Boat” which ironically was a big hit for Every Mother’s Son.
Troggs – Give It To Me / You’re Lying (1967)
One of the best groups to come out of Britain, they were very consistent throughout their career and never really strayed much from their tough hard rocking sound. They are to this day still performing. I really like this one in particular as it’s one that gets overlooked quite a bit.
Catamorands – Never Say Goodbye / Over You (1966)catamorands
Two incredibly moody songs by this Erie, PA garage band. They recorded some more stuff, but it never made it vinyl. I’d love to hear it……
Vacels – You’re My Baby / Hey Girl, Stop Leading Me On (1965)vacels2
Kinda sorta like a garage/do-wop crossover, but pretty decent nonetheless. The first 45 to be issued on Kama Sutra Records which would release big hits by The Lovin’ Spoonful.
Chip & Dave – Soon Another Day (1965)chip & dave
An odd Pacific NW duo which consisted of Chip Rawson and Dave Immer who played drums and keyboards respectively. I'm not sure how many records they put out, but they did release this one in ‘65. A guitar-less poppy number with great vocal harmonies that has a folk feel to it.
Naturals – Look At Me Now / It Was You (1964)naturals
A fairly obscure British Invasion group that had a hit covering the Beatles’ “I Should Have Known Better”. On the A side of this they do a Mitch Murray composition, famous for “How Do You Do it?” and “I Like It” by Gerry & The Pacemakers. The B side is a good upbeat invasion number.
Coachmen – Mr. Moon / Nothing At All (1965)coachmen Ill
Perhaps the best known of all the “Coachmen” that appeared during the 60s, and definitely more popular than the local Rochester group, they were from Lincoln, Nebraska and had a number of 45s including a cool version of The Who’s “My Generation”. This 45 was originally released on MMC but was re-released by Bear, a Minneapolis label. They called it quits in 1969.
Link Cromwell – Crazy Like A Fox / Shock Me (1965)link cromwell
Link Cromwell is better known to all as guitarist, songwriter, and rock journalist Lenny Kaye who played with Patti Smith in the 70s and 80s and was most notably responsible for the “60s Garage Compilation” with his groundbreaking “Nuggets” collection. To this day, when someone asks me “what the hell is all this garage stuff about”, I point to Nuggets and it answers the question perfectly. He recorded this in 1965.
George Edwards – Never Mind, I’m Freezing / Norwegian Wood (1966)george edwards
A Chicago folkie who did session work for Dunwich, and sang some backup vocals with The Shadows Of Knight. He released this one in 1966 and subsequently went on to H.P. Lovecraft.
In Crowd – Let’s Take A Walk / Hanging From Your Lovin’ Tree (1967)
in crowd
The Texas group who backed up Jon & Robin on their LPs. This was one of singles they did on their own and shows a diversity of styles on each side.
Teddy & The Pandas – Smokey Fire (1966)teddy and the pandas2
Fame and fortune eluded Teddy & The Pandas from Beverly, MA and although they did release an LP on Tower in 1968, they couldn’t get over the hump so to speak.
Lewis & Clarke Expedition – Blue Revelations (1967)lewis and clarke
Somewhat of a manufactured group, they did release a decent LP and this one song featured here which is beautifully crafted psyche/pop.
Peppermint Trolley Company – 9 O'clock Business Man (1968)peppermint trolley
The flip side of their hit “Baby You Come Rolling Across My Mind”. This one is not quite a poppy and is pretty good.
London Phogg – The Times To Come / Takin’ It Easy (1968)london phogg
Probably a studio group, this cool slice of psychedelia was written by Keith Colley who worked with The Knickerbockers and other acts on Challenge Records and Knox Henderson who co-wrote Mouse's “A Public Execution”.
Autosalvage – Rampant Generalities / Parahighway (1968)autosalvage
Often reported to be “discovered” by Frank Zappa in NYC, they did hang with him while he was there with The Mothers Of Invention in 1968, and did do a few shows with them as well. Zappa did like their style and complimented them. It’s unfortunate they could only muster this one 45 and an LP.
Vagrants – A Sunny Summer Rain / Beside The Sea (1967)vagrants3
One of Long Island’s greatest featuring the early talents of guitar wizard Leslie West and songwriting talents of Felix Pappalardi. They would later join forces again in Mountain, one of the best hard rock groups ever.


  1. I feel like I don't show proper gratitude for these, but I'm forever in your debt at this point. That you include the B-sides and labels goes above and beyond. I still want to respond to some previous posts, but before more time gets away from me, very enthusiastic thanks, Dan.

  2. Thanks again, Dan. (May I call you Dan?)


  4. Thanks Dan, yeah, take a load off and enjoy the summer. The hotdog joint comp sounds like a great idea!

    Scott A.

  5. I hate posting anonymously but there's something screwed up with Google's sign in. It's a known issue but not fixed yet.
    Anyway, many thanks for the time and effort you show us with all these great postings. I never fail to hear things I'm not familiar with and that's what I like best.Thanks! hotrodmike

  6. Thanks so much for all your hard work on these. And thanks for taking the "time" to do something like this for us collectors of this music--very much appreciated.

  7. The other side of the Teddy & The Pandas record was actually a Top 30 hit where I happened to be in the summer of '66, but I always liked Smokey Fire. Actually, it was 1 of 3 Top 30 hits they had that year on the big 50,000 watt clear channel AM station with only 3 call letters. Jump ahead 13 years to 1979, I was at a club one night and there was a band from Liverpool (England!, not New York) called The Yachts playing and the singer announces "this is a song by an old (!) American band Teddy & The Pandas! anyone ever heard of them?" and they did Look Back In Love Not In Anger from the LP which had been released all of 11 years prior to that. Real old!....Anyways, I thought that was pretty cool. Hmmm...that was 32 years ago and it seems like it was the day before yesterday. The summer of '66? That was the week before last.

  8. Mike, that's a great story about the Yachts. I guess they were one of many punk/power pop bands that flourished in in the late 70s. Their version of that song can be heard on one of the Rhino "D.I.Y." comps that were released in the early 90s.As far as I'm concerned, nothing is really "old" when it comes to music. Cars get old. Shoes get old. Music lasts forever. There's someone really irritating at my workplace who thinks I play in an "oldies" band and every time this windbag opens her.....oh hell I feel an intense rant coming on.....I'd better go. Happy fathers day to all the dads out there and stay tuned for #61 in progress as I write this.

  9. I didn't come upon your blog until #60 and all i can say is WOW!!!! You have my appreciation and esteem for all of this music that you have comped for us. My only problem is that with the sharebee site having been down for a couple of months now, i am missing some volumes (#5 through #20, #22 through #28 And #30). If you ever get the chance to re-up those, i will forever be in your debt. I have enjoyed all of those volumes that i was able to get, but i was really very happy with the upstate, NY series as i grew up and lived there (from Sullivan County In the south to Delaware county in the north). Just great.

    I thank you again, sir.


  10. #60
    just .......................

  11. Hi Dan,

    seems the Naturals b-side was penned by no other than Pete Townshend (see

    waiting for #64!
    hugs from Milano

    PS as with Hotrod Mike, Goodle screwed up my sign in too

  12. what a gold mine you are giving us here, Dan. A million thanks.

  13. Hi Dan! "You're My Baby" is one of those songs that song writers would peddle to multiple acts back in the Sixties. I've got three different versions of it by three different bands probably all recorded within 12 to 18 months of each other! There are many examples of this. One that you have already touched on is "That's What I Want" as you have included a few versions of it in your blog. I have five or six versions of this song including one that was re-titled "All I Want Is You". Thanks again for your efforts! It's August of 2018 as I write this and I am going through your blog entries chronologically when I have the time so you'll be getting some more input from me about these older entries as time goes by.

    1. Your input is most welcome my friend. "That's What I Want" is definitely a well covered song, including a version by one of my old bands.....