Sunday, September 26, 2010

In Dan's Garage...#44

Greetings music lovers! I had this whole thing written up about how Summer was over and how I was looking forward to Fall, with grape and apple harvests and wine and grape pies etc. Then I hit the wrong  button and ZAP! It disappeared! CRAP! So I'm just going to get to the point today because I don't remember what I wrote exactly. I usually have this "stream of consciousness" thing going and write whatever comes to my head at the moment... um....kinda like what I'm doing right now, so let's get with it!!!!!

Joey & The Continentals - Linda (1964)
Pretty good do-wop influenced garage from a bunch of Cleveland, OH greasers. These guys were apparently a very popular local act act at the time...

Renegades - Cadillac / Bad Bad Baby (1964)
The Renegades were originally from Birmingham UK, but found huge success in the rest of Europe especially Italy and Finland. This is a German release of their first 45, a slow, menacing rework of Vince Taylors classic.

Boys Blue - Take A Heart / You Got What I Want (1965)
 The amazing thing about this 45 is that they aren't covers of the Sorrows two biggest hits. These are actually the original versions recorded by a rather obscure British group, and was their only release. Miki Dallon would then give these to The Sorrows where they apparently had more success with them. It also should be noted that this band is not an early version of the Sorrows. How this ended up on this US label though is anybody's guess. Check out a cool video here!

Keyes - She's The One (1966)
Great garage 45 from Louisville, KY with a wild fuzzed out organ break!

Counts IV - Spoonful / Where Are You (1966)
 Often considered by collectors here in Western NY to be a "local" 45 due to the fact that bassist Al Peluso was from nearby Utica (home of Utica Club beer!), they are in fact from North Carolina. This one's a great take on the Willie Dixon/Howlin' Wolf classic. Al Peluso would go on to have another solo 45 released in 1971, a great version of Dylan's "You Aint Going Nowhere".

Randy & The Holidays - Paul Revere 250 / Living Doll (1967)
 This one takes the garage and hot rod genres and mixes them up real well. Great fuzz guitar and good vocals too. You didn't hear much of this kind of stuff in '67, the so called "Summer Of Love".

Very-Ations - She Can't Be Won (1966)
 Although this is on an Atlanta, GA label, all indications point to Birmingham, AL. I can't really put my finger on this one. It's definitely "garagey", but it's got this way cool swampy, bluesy thing going with what sounds like some kind of dobro or other acoustic style guitar in the background, and the lead player sounds like he's about five years ahead of his time (no pun intended).

Vejtables - Feel The Music / Shadows (1967)
 I'm not even going to try to connect the dots concerning the personnel about this Bay Area group, but in my opinion this, the last of their 45s, is definitely the best. Great raga/eastern style guitars, and the A side "Shadows", has been sadly overlooked by compilers as "Feel The Music" basically steals the limelight.

Shag - Stop And Listen (1967)
An absolute, bona-fide true blue garage/psyche classic! The Shag were from Milwaukee, WI, and although this was one of two releases they had, I'd say this one's enough for me!

Uncle & The Anteaters - Let's Be Happy / Shed A Tear (1967)
A great poppy/psyche record from Iowa City, IA even if it's got a few horns in the mix. They got their name at the suggestion of a drunk at a frat party!

Jim & Jean - Strangers In A Strange Land (1967)
 A folksy duo who had some help from Phil Ochs and a few of the guys who played on Dylan's Highway 61 Revisited. This one's got a great psyche tinge to it.

Status Quo - Ice In The Sun / When My Mind Is Not Live (1968)
Their third and quite possibly their best 45 in this style. Better than "Pictures Of Matchstick Men", and way better than anything they produced after 1970.

Them - But It's Alright / Square Room (1968)
 The story of Them is a long and rather complicated one. That being said, we usually split them between the Van Morrison era and "post" Van Morrison era. I think both deserve merit because they are so unalike and are virtually two different groups. This one which was recorded "post" Morrison is an excellent example of what they were doing at the time which was some pretty wild psyche.

Stained Glass -  Soap And Turkey / Lady In Lace (1968)
 This San Jose, CA group had four excellent 45s on RCA Victor before being signed by Capitol and changing from a Beat/Folk Rock group, to a poppier psyche affair. This was the first on Capitol and is excellent. They also had two LPs on Capitol which aren't too bad either.

Albatross - I Can't See Why / Pieces Of My Life (1969)
A really obscure heavy psyche 45 with great guitar work. All indications, and believe me there aren't many, show this one is probably from Corpus Christi, TX.

C.K. Strong - Stormbird / Daddy (1969)
 This group featured vocalist Lynn Carey, a bluesy, strong voiced Joplin style singer. Both sides of this are great late 60s rock and roll.

Andromeda - Heart Of Darkness / Sweet Sweet Baby (1970)
I know of at least one other band with this name and they are from the UK. This one escapes me though. Wild Hammond organ and fuzzy guitars highlight this late 60s,early 70s effort.

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  1. Thanks for the new tunes. I'm just getting behind in my listening. lol Great job!

  2. As always, thanks for the 45's...

    If I may, I would like to mention that using MediaFire could be dangerous. Whenever I download a file, or upload for that matter, a trojan horse tries to load on my laptop. My anti-virus software is state of the art so I am not too concerned, but your other readers may benefit from this information.

    In any event, I am always appreciative of your continued benevolence.

    Peace and blessings.

  3. Sorry if I re-post, but also in these volume all tracks have the same noise/distortion (I don't convert them) so is impossibile to hear .. I've tried to hear them in mediamonkey or windows media player or Ipod, but always tha same noise, not the usual noise of the old 7", but a costant noise/distortion.
    Only I have this problem ... can you suggest something?

    Sorry but it's a pity for me not to hear the great music posted from KING Dan

  4. Just noticed "A Basket of Flowers" by The Nightcrawlers up top. Did I miss that in a previous post, and better yet, is there any chance of their A- and B-sides not on the CD?



  5. Thank you all for the comments and the advice. Thank you Vincent for the warning on Media fire. If any of you out there are experiencing difficulty because of trojans viruses etc. please accept my sincere apologies. My sole intention is to get this stuff to you as easy as possible and in no way am I trying to mes anyones computrer up. I've witched the links back to Multiupload for now, but I'm looking into something safer and affordable as well. As far as the :noise" issue goes, I've recieved one complaint about it and I'm not sure if it's a corrupted download, or just my scratchy records. DISCLAIMER: I have what I consider a fairly nice PC right now, but I DO NOT use "state of the art" recording equipment, nor do I use a turntable with a $10,000 tone arm cartridge setup. I'm using an ION portable turntable plugged directly into my sound card. I've used the USB thing before and to be quite honest it's like an ice pick to the ear. I also have to change the needle quite often, even the "upgraded" style ones that I use, and I do the best I can cleaning things up with my old Discwasher. In a perfect situation I'd have my old Hitachi turntable with a Shure cartridge plugged into my vintage Onkyo receiver and have that run directly to my sound card, but, I have very limited space to work with in my humble home, so my old desk crammed full of stuff will have to do for now. Maybe I can dust off that old Zenith Allegro system I've got????? Yeah! THATS THE TICKET TO HI-FI HEAVEN!

  6. Oh, and another thing. I haven't gotten to "Basket Of Flowers" yet. I only have two Nightcrawlers 45s. This one and "Little Black Egg", I'll have to see if the B side of Basket is not on the CD you mentioned.

  7. It is, actually: "Washboard." "Marie," "My Butterfly," and "Today I'm Happy" are the tracks I unaware of on any album.

    Thanks for the reply!

  8. "Washboard will be featured in the future. It is the flip of "Basket Of Flowers".

  9. Turely fantastic!