Sunday, August 15, 2010

In Dan's Garage...#41


Hey! How's everyone doing??? It's been rather busy around here with all the weekend stuff, a gig here and there, and some home improvement projects to keep me busy. Oh, yes, there's also the stuff about records too. I was very pleased with a lot of the comments on my beer rant. Bad beer sucks and let me tell you, there's a LOT of it out there. Although I am a "hop-snobber", I do consider myself a connoisseur of "cheap beer". Pabst is definitely at the top of the list, and there's this stuff they brew around here called "Koch's Golden Anniversary Beer". I used to be able to buy it at the local supermarket but they pulled it from the shelves! I'm not sure they make it anymore, but it was brewed at the Genesee brewery here in Rochester (now known as the "High Falls Brewing Co."). I used to get Piels "Real Draft" and that was pretty good, but you can't get that anymore either. Hamm's is also great, but that kapoot too. I bought an 18 pack of Schmidt's a couple of years ago, but I must admit, it was brutal. So is Iron City. It tastes like...well...Pittsburgh (no offense). Stegmaier is also a good cheap beer. Can someone please tell me where I can get Blatz or Schlitz up here in upstate NY????? Sorry for that beer rant, but these summer months make me thirsty for good brew, and let me tell you, it's been pretty goddamned hot and humid up here this year. So what about this edition of IDG??? Well, as usual I present a bunch of 45s that run the gamut from greasers to acid psychos, with a definite emphasis on “psyche”. So sit back and  enjoy this group of "misfits" if you will, and crack open a cold one too!

Bocky & The Visions - Spirit Of '64 / Mo Jo Hanna (1964)
Robert DePasquale aka "Bocky Dee'O was the lead singer of this bunch of greasers from Cleveland, OH. Seeing that their do-wop status was fading fast in the shadow of the British Invasion, they concocted this number telling the Beatles to "move over", in typical "You Make Me Wanna Shout" style. 

What Four - Do You Believe / Whenever (1966)
Real cheezy teen stuff from who knows where.

Mad Mods – The Mad Mod (1966)
mad mods
This one was supposed to be included in the  
Instrumental Edition” and I completely forgot about it! Screeching Farfisa organ dominates this unknown Texas nugget.

Losers – Shake A Hand (1966)
Well,you gotta give these guys credit (along with The Electric Toilet) for calling themselves “The Losers”. Maybe they were using that name in reference to “The Born Losers” like the motorcycle gang??? Anyway, this is a real lo-fi affair that ‘s probably from the south, and although there's a horn section, the crummy organ and fuzzed out lead make this one kinda cool.

Blues Magoos – The People Had No Faces / So I’m Wrong And You Are Right (1966)
blues magoos
Before they struck it big with “Psychedelic Lollipop” they released this super fine 45. Their finest moment in my humble opinion…

Bit’ A Sweet – Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind (1966)
bit a sweet
Way cool version of this garage classic. Dig the vibrato on the guitars…

Enemys – Hey Joe! / My Dues Have Been Paid (1966)
Cory Wells and Danny Hutton join forces on this one a good two or three years before they'd hit it HUGE with Three Dog Night, a band which I actually like a lot….

Buckinghams – I’ve Been Wrong / Love Ain’t Enough (1966)
For a bunch of guys who basically invented “horn rock” (they did this a good two years before icky Blood Sweat And Tears did), they had some excellent early singles and an album on USA records. This is one of them.

6 Tickets To Shangri-La – I’ve Got To Find A Way / Lovely People (1967)
Not sure where this excellent pop/psyche number is from, but it did come out on a New York City label…..

Smoke Ring – How’d You Get To Be So Wonderful (1969)
smoke ring
Here’s a great frat rock style tune from Nebraska. Although this ones dated from 1969, you cant help thinking that this was either recorded much earlier, or these guys were just a bit behind the times. In any case, this one is pretty good and reminds me a bit like Dee Jay And The Runaways who were from neighboring Iowa.

Feathers – Tryin’ To Get To You (1968)
Blue eyed bubblegum soul with lots of fuzz guitar from what I would assume is a studio group assembled by those bubblegum mavens, Kasenetz and Katz.

Art Of Lovin’ – You’ve Got The Power / Good Times (1967)
art of lovin
Great pop/psyche from a Massachusetts group who cut one album and this one single.

Siler Bros. – It's The Spring Thing / She Still Loves Me (1968)
siler bros
Here’s a wacky, chintzy 45 thats real weird. It sounds like some lounge singers trying to be hip, backed by a garage band and a flute player. They talk about ugly guys looking good, and foot long hot dogs tasting like filet steaks and other stupid things, all because it’s “spring”. This little bit of corniness was written by none other than Lee Hazelwood, the guy who worked with guitar genius Duane Eddy, and wrote “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’”

Clefs Of Lavender Hill – Gimme One Good Reason / Oh, Say My Love (1967)
clefs of lavender hill
The Clefs Of Lavender Hill are one of my all time favorite groups from the 60’s. Mainly because they're a perfect fusion of pop. garage, beat, and psychedelia. This one here is their last 45 and is quite poppier than the previous three. They reportedly recorded an album which never got released. I’d love to hear it…

Music Bachs – Dream Machine / Dig Yourself (1968)
music bachs
An interesting pop/pyche 45 by a group from Smithtown, NY on Long Island. Apparently it was led by a guy named “Marcel” who was a Dutch immigrant that settled in L.I. and played in various bands. He eventually formed “Mr. Flood’s Party” a very good psyche group and then succumbed to mental illness and tragically committed suicide. You can get some cool info HERE.

Oracle – Don’t Say No (1968)
A wild, trippy psyche 45 produced by the tag team of Curt Boettcher and Music Machine legend Keith Olsen.

The Fool – Lay It Down / Rainbow Man (1968)
Heres a real strange record by a group of Dutch transplants to the UK. I usually don't go for this kind of stuff, but it’s like a trainwreck, I couldn't stop listening to it. Definitely one of the wackiest singles in my collection. BTW, this was produced by Graham Nash right about the time he left the Hollies and joined Crosby, Stills, & Nash.

Get it HERE


  1. Got a 12 pack of Schiltz in refrig. Welcome to share one, but you will have to come Lincoln NE to do it. Not quite sure the trip is worth it.

  2. Thanks as always for bringing us the continuing saga of life in Dan's Garage... The 45's are awesome.

    I wish I could help you in your quest for Schlitz. Here in Baltimore we have Schlitz, but the quintessential cheap beer is definitely National Bohemian (or Natty Boh as we call it). I prefer a good Belgian beer myself, namely Duvel. It is without a doubt the best beer EVER, but I digress.

    I can't wait til next week.

    Peace and blessings.

  3. I live i Chicago, and as far as i know Blatz doesn't make it much farther east than Ohio... But i could be wrong. Schlitz and Old Style are everywhere, and we have Hamm's here too. A friend of mine just brought a 6 pack of Hamm's 'Genuine Draft' over last week. It's an ongoing gag between us to see who can find the shittiest beer...

    I look forward to the tunes, thanks as always, and Cheers!

    1. Hey Jeff! You ain't the only one who has tried to find the shittiest beer! ever try 'Waukee Cream Ale'? DON'T!!!

  4. Thanks for this one! The Fool a collective who worked with Karl Ferris, the one who did album covers for Jimi Hendrix, The Hollies, Donovan, etc. They actually have an album, an crazy album, sounds like some medival psyche.

  5. There is a Clefs Of Lavender Hill cd out now with all of their Epic recordings in one place -- most of the songs that made up the "album" were already issued on 45's....most songs on the cd are stereo except for their final 45 which you have posted here (my favorite by them, by the way) and the mono 45 version of Stop! Get A Ticket.

  6. Sounds like you dug deep down in the dusty bin of obscurities.


  7. Thanks, Dan.
    I don't like beer (not even Heineken) - but I do like the songs on # 41.

  8. Worst beer I ever tasted was 7-11 brand.Yeah, it was cheap but no wonder, it was already recycled once. lol Nasty stuff
    Nothing nasty about volume 41. Just had a quick run through. Amazing as always. Thanks!

  9. Hi Dan

    you can find Bocky & the Visions' dynamite version of I go Crazy at