Friday, April 3, 2009

Sixties Uncovered Volume 1

   Yikes!!! I started this blog hoping to post something at least two or three times a week, but I've been so busy that this thing just fell off my radar. In the meantime, I acquired a turntable which would easily allow me to transfer my 45 collection to my PC, and here's some of the results. I decided to make a right turn from my cassette archives to work on this stuff, and it's taken me a few weeks to get it done properly. For those of you with a USB turntable (which I have), I recommend skipping the USB route and use the line outs with your sound card. The results sound a lot richer, and don't have that "ice pick to the ear" digital quality that quite frankly sounds atrocious. The content here are 45s which I've acquired off of Ebay from the past month or so. Some of it is familiar, and a lot of it is new, even to my seasoned ears. A nice mix of garage, punk, & psych. I'd really like to hear some comments on the quality of this comp. If you really like this, I'll post many more! Enjoy!!!

01. Arondies - '69 (Sherry)  
02. Mousers - I Know About My Baby (Applause)  
03. Princetons Five - Roll Over Beethoven (Princeton)  
04. Princetons Five - Passing By (Princeton)  
05. Me And Dem Guys - Black Cloud (Coral Gables)  
06. Me And Dem Guys - Come On Little Sweetheart (Coral Gables)  
07. Mystics - Didn't We Have A Good Time (Spectra)  
08. Mystics - Now And For Always (Spectra)  
09. Conlon & The Crawlers - You're Comin' On (Marlin)  
10. Conlon & The Crawlers - I Won't Tell (Marlin)  
11. Spartans - I Won't Be Taken (Keltone)  
12. Spartans - Who Told The Lie (Keltone)  
13. Lords Of London - Broken Heart COD (Domain)  
14. P Nut Butter - Still In Love With You Baby (Mascot)  
15. P Nut Butter - What Am I Doing Here With You (Mascot)  
16. Middle Window - Let My Heart Heal (Garm)  
17. Middle Window - Treasure Land (Garm)  
18. Wild Things - I'll Taste Your Lips (Blue Onion)  
19. Reed Williams - I'm Free (Golden Eagle)  
20. Boys From New York City - I'm Down Girl (Laurie)  
21. One Way Street - Yard Dog (Apollo)  
22. Romans - He Don't Love You (My)  
23. Romans - I Just Had To Fall In Love (My)  
24. Cole & The Embers - Hey Girl (Star Trek)  
25. Cole & The Embers - Love Won't Hurt You (Star Trek)  
26. Elation Fields - Light Side Table (Coconut Groove)  
27. Paraphenalia - It Came Out Of The Sky (Earth)  
28. Paraphenalia - Quicksand (Earth)  
29. Wazoo - Hey Girl, I'm In Love With You (R & R)  
30. Window Frame - You Have The Choice (Frame)  
31. Window Frame - Before And After (Frame)

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  1. The Projectiles?!?!? From Rochester?!?!?!

    How cool is that! I'l weigh in once I unzip, burn & listen to these tracks.

  2. Hi Dan,

    even if each of your installents is great on its own, I've selected some of the non-comped tracks added some info & pics and put everything on a "Uncomped tracks of Dan's Garage"; the result is sheer beauty, hope you dig it. I've dl'ed it for you at

    thanks a lot for your generous labor of love


    PS: txs for the link to my site

  3. I forgot: I won't post it at my side as I dont' want to take false credits...


    PS. the password for this comment was "beatbros" !!!

  4. This blog looks extremely promising!!


  5. I'll explore also these comp

    thank you in advance

  6. I'm looking forward to hearing this. Thanks.

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  9. Hi Dan

    Sorry, my request for a re-up should have been on this page!

  10. Thanks Dan, that's great. Now I've got everything! Don't want to rush you but it's been a while since #72 and I'm ready for my next fix!