Saturday, January 4, 2020

Happy New Year!!!!

Hey! Just like to give a shout out to all my friends and followers out there that this blog is still alive and my turntable keeps spinning like mad. Unfortunately, it's the writing, and scanning that takes up a huge amount of time here and that's something I seem to have little of these days. I'm still getting records in the mail but not quite as many as in previous years. There's not much to be had in record stores these days and competition on Ebay is hot and heavy with lots of people with extremely deep pockets (or it would seem that way) scarfing up records like crazy, ut I do land some fabulous deals from time to time and I will share with all as soon as I get my collection somewhat organized. Best wishes to all, I hope everyone had a great Holiday season and hope for the best in the coming New Year!!!!
Love, Dan

P.S. Just a reminder to everyone who have made re-up requests. ALL LINKS to past posts are to be found in the sidebar on the right that says "Blog Archive". They are all under MARCH 2019 and they are ALL WORKING. When you get to site simply hit the DOWNLOAD link, and you're good to go. IGNORE the "we can't preview this file" business and simply follow the instructions.  Enjoy!

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