Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The great file sharing debate.....

I've had some concerns recently, and in the past in regards to Sharebee, the file sharing service I've been using for the vast majority of the Dan's Garage posts. Some of you are concerned with the pop ups and ads that come up when entering that website. I've been wrestling with this issue for a while now. On the one hand, Sharebee is very easy to upload to, it distributes the file to at least four different file sharing services, and it's free. I guess pop ups are the price you pay for using it. Besides, last time I checked there were well over 600 downloads of Dan's Garage #1 so most of you are content. I tried Sendspace and that too has pop ups. I've included an extra link in the last post to Media Fire. It's Free, and it seems to be the least pain in the ass. Let me know what YOU all think. I the meantime, don't let this stuff bring you down. You can easily get to the download page by clicking on the "skip this ad" button on the upper right corner of the page.
Keep Rockin', Dan


  1. People can subscribe for a small amount, and the pop ups are gone. The pop ups is something you have to take with the free music I guess. Another way is to use the listen option and remove the download. The pops ups will be gone, but the chance to grab free music is too. I ain't complaining here about the pop ups, it's part of the game.

    So keep up the good work Dan,


  2. IMHO, Megaupload is best. It has not the disadvantage of sharebee "Skip this ad", it is the fastest download rate.

    You can download one file at a time, but the download is so fast that it has never annoyed me. And you have no wait time (or 25 s, that is nothing) between downloads.

    So I vote Megauplaod, as long as they maintain the same download rates.

    And by the way, thank you for your shares. I download, I have no time to listen so I don't comment but maybe one day ;-)

  3. Dan-- Please continue to do whatever is most convenient for *YOU*. I don't mind closing a pop-up ad or two to get to the tasty musical nuggets that you share. It's not that big of a hassle. People can set their web browser to ignore pop-ups if they can't bear them...

  4. Media fire is, as you put it, the least pain in the ass of all the file sharing sites i've used too. Least amount of ads, and most user-friendly. To me anyway. It's what i use for full length records.
    I like DivShare too for their little embeddable on-screen player, but i usually only do a song or two at a time on my blog. That wouldn't really work for you here...

    Also, I don't say it enough- Thank You Thank You and Thank You again for all these great tunes. No matter where you put em, the people will download and enjoy em.

  5. I don't mind sharebee, from which I always choose megaupload. Other good options are mediafire, which has popups, and adrive, which doesn't.

  6. I don't often have a problem with Sharebee. I pick Rapidshare and as soon as that window comes up, I close the Sharebee window, which is usually before it gets to the ads. Thanks for your concern and thanks for all the great posts!

  7. "Please continue to do whatever is most convenient for *YOU*"


    It's YOUR bus and I'm just happy to have a ticket for such a GREAT trip!!!

  8. You might want to think about using Multiupload ( They work like Sharebee but without the ads. That's what I use on my blog (

  9. I don't mind sharebee.

  10. Hi Dan,
    Every week you make us a treat and that will coast you al lot time. So do what's best for you.
    I myself have no problems with Sharebee.
    So let's just talk about the music ....

  11. ... whatever is convenient to you Dan, just keep on you great work....


    PS. your instrumental-comp was very nice....

  12. they pretty much all work OK for me, except for megaupload, which sometimes mangles the file names (which can be overcome by renaming the file, so I am not really whining).

    In spite of it, megaupload is my second favorite after rapidshare. I occasionally subscribe, and they work well with a download mgr. Ads and popups don't worry me, I'm on a Mac (neener neener :) )

    Anyway, I really really appreciate all the hard work you do and the great collections you share. Thanks so much for bringing so much cool music into the open!!

  13. MultiUpload was OK for a while, but then it got as bad as Sharebee.
    From what I've heard, MegaUpload (based in Asia) is the safest service for music sharing because it's the most difficult for the anti-music sharing police to trawl (RapidShare is supposedly the easiest).