Thursday, November 26, 2009

In Dan's Garage... #11

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!! It's a wonderful day today here in Upstate NY, what with all the superbly mild weather we've had up here. I can even go outside, light a fine stogie and enjoy it without freezing my ass off!!!! My lovely wife Red is going at it, baking some of the tastiest pies known to man, and I know there'll be some good wine and beer ahead too! On this particular holiday, let us also give thanks to all the fine Rock & Roll that countless artists (I sometimes use that term loosely) have given us over the years. Naturally, I submit a fine sample of these wares on this very Thanksgiving Day. Unfortunately, time is of the essence, and sadly, I must forgo my commentary for this post. But as usual, you will find all the label scans in the file, you just don't get my "razor sharp wit" attached to them. So it's my pleasure once again to give you.... NUMBER ELEVEN!

Track List:

01. Count Victors - Road Runner (Coral)
02. Count Victors - Lorie (Coral)
03. Silvertones - Get It (Goliath)
04. Classmen - Julie (Pearce)
05. Classmen - Any Old Time (Pearce)
06. Burgundy Blues - I'll Take You Back Again (Argee)
07. Burgundy Blues - Noting Without You (Argee)
08. Clefs Of Lavender Hill - It Won't Be Long (Date)
09. Clefs Of Lavender Hill - Play With Fire (Date)
10. Geers - I Need You (SSS International)
11. Keymen - What Am I To Do (Goldust)
12. Keymen - Waklin' Talkin' (Goldust)
13. Lloyd & The Village Squires - Baby Be Mine (Jubilee)
14. Lloyd & The Village Squires - Hear What I Say (Jubilee)
15. Mark V - I Want To Say (Blast)
16. Mark V - You Make Me Lose My Mind (Blast)
17. Rave Ons - Love Pill (Twin Town)
18. Rave Ons - Whenever (Twin Town)
19. Ray Sanders & Friend - Karate (Sheb)
20. Ray Sanders - You're Puttin' Me On (Sheb)
21. Tangents - Hey Joe, Where You Gonna Go (Impression)
22. Tangents - Stand By Me (Impression)
23. Ultimates - My Babe (Lavender)
24. Ultimates - Little Girl (Lavender)
25. White Knights - Love That's True (Gaiety)
26. White Knights - Run, Run, Baby (Gaiety)
27. Yorkshire Puddin' - Ain't Gonna Love You No More (Dellwood)
28. Yorkshire Puddin' - Good Night Day (Dellwood)



  1. All the best to you and yours on this Thanksgiving day.Thanks once again for sharing your great music collection.I never get tired of these.

  2. Thank you for all the wonderful giving... I hope you enjoyed the cigar and the fine confections :)

    All the best to you and yours.

    Peace and blessings.

  3. we're hungry of your volumes!!!


  4. Unfortunately, time is of the essence, and sadly, I must forgo my commentary for this post.

    Your "razor sharp wit" is sorely missed! That's a highlight of your posts.
    But, i'm sure you're in a blissful food coma by now and really don't care.
    Hope you had a good one and thanks for all this stuff!

  5. Thanks again Dan for another great post,it's horrible and cold here in England but this has warmed me up,thanks again.

  6. Thanks for your work. These are the best comps to be found in the internet right now. Your a very worthy successor to gyro1966 (although he is still sorely missed).

  7. Thanks Dan,
    For all the great tunes - I especially liked I Need You by the Geers. And it made me very curious about the flipside: Please Don't Break My Heart. Is it as moody as the title suggests?
    Nice holidays and enjoy them with your family.

  8. eternally grateful. Fantastic !!