Sunday, November 15, 2009

In Dan's Garage... #10

WOW!!! I've burned through only one box of records and we're already up to number 10! I even set a bunch aside for some upcoming "New York State" comps. At this rate I figure I'll be doing this well into 2010, with a total of 50+ posts! I love doing this. As I've said before, this really gives me an excellent chance to get "reacquainted" with my collection of 45s. This blog here covers all of my 60's garage, beat, psyche, stuff, but as all record collectors know, we always buy whatever looks cool. Some of it might be great, and some.....not so great. Some of it is utterly fabulous and fascinating, and a lot of it just doesn't fall into the genre (so to speak) that I deal with here. That's why I've got another blog titled "I Found It In That Box...". That's for all the flotsam and jetsam of my record collection which I find absolutely wonderful, but really doesn't fall into the confines of this blog.  Check it out. You may be delighted, and you may even laugh your ass off too. I've said enough already. Vol. 10 is the usual "mixed bag" of stuff, with a little emphasis on later 60's psyche sounds. Enjoy!

Jerry Merett & The Crowns - Kansas City Twist / Walkin'
We kick things off with an early 60's rocker by Jerry Merett who obviously was from the Pacific NW. Lavender records released some of the best music from this part of the country, and this a great early example.

Van Dykes - Rock A Bye Girl / I'll Be Bye
I'm really not a big do-wop fan. I'm even less a fan of The Four Seasons. I cringe every time somebody tells me how great "Jersey Boys" was and how they were lucky enough to get tickets for $150.00. Puhleeze. That being said, I think this 4 Seasons styled garage/do-wopper is great! I don't dislike all do-wop mind you, it's just that it kind of sounds all the same after a while (I can hear the do-wop fans right now...THAT GARAGE SHIT SOUNDS ALL THE SAME ASSHOLE!!!). It's definitely got the Frankie Valli thing going, but with a great cheesy garage band backing them up, and that's what makes this 45 so good.

Tony River & The Castaways - I Love The Way You Walk / I Love You
So what killed do-wop???? The British Invasion! As the Beatles lay waste to vocal groups and teen idols like Bobby Rydell and Fabian, small labels like like Constellation Records were licencing bands like Tony Rivers & The Castaways in the hopes of cashing in on the whole Invasion thing. This is a prime example of that. Fantastic two sider.

Merrel & The Xiles - Tomorrow's Girl / When I Get Home
Merrell Fankhauser is best known for writing the surf classic "Wipe Out" and for his band H.M.S. Bounty, whose "Farprdokly" album is a psyche classic. Between that he had a band called the Exiles or 'Xiles" on this 45 which included Jeff Cotton and John French who ended up in Captain Beefhearts Magic Band. This is a great folkish 45 with a lightweight feel to it, though I like it a lot. Very scarce by the way.

Gas Co. - Blow Your Mind / Your Time's Up
The first record I ever won in a Goldmine auction! I remember bidding $5 on a bunch of cool stuff, but this was the only one I had luck on. That tactic would bite me in the ass a few times later, but I'm certainly happier now in the long run. I had a bit of a hard time finding out anything about this 45, although I'm pretty sure it's some kind of studio thing. Great guy/girl folk rock vocals with ringing 12 string guitars, and absolutely goofy lyrics on the 'A' side. Go ahead...Blow your mind....

Matchmakers - Tell Me A Secret
Let's shift gears and go to what I'm pretty sure is a British group. I can't find anything about this great pop tune.

New Breed - Paint My Windows Gray / Out Of Reach
Of the several New Breeds out there, I couldn't find much of anything on this bunch.Obviously this band must've loved The Animals' "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood", as the riff is echoed on both sides.  Busy-B was out of New Orleans. LA and was associated with Manhattan Records (I believe). I would say, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, or Florida would be a good guess on these guys....

Ugly Ducklings - Nothin' / Gaslight
Not the original, but an older two side reissue of this Toronto band's two biggest hits.

Chosen Ones - Watch Out
I'm not a big fan of garage bands with horn sections, but this James Brown ripoff is great because the offending trumpets are in the background, an an ultra cheezy organ drives this tune. This was a custom pressing done by Rite Records of Cincinnati, OH, home of King Records, home of James Brown, which might explain this whole thing.

Doug Philips - Here I Am
This funky garage/soul number is a total mystery to me. Released on the famous Ray-Phi label!

Four O'Clock Balloon - Dark Cobble Street / Two Heads
This Columbus, OH group won the "Northland's Shopping Center Battle Of The Bands" in 1967, and got an entire side of a double LP to flaunt their magnificent style! If anyone out there has this album, I'd love to hear it! They also released this terrific 45. The 'A' side is an original, and the flip is a groovy cover of a Jefferson Airplane tune.

Side Three - Every Now And Then / Sunshine Sunday
Nice sunshine pop/psyche from another bunch of unknowns. This might be from somewhere here in NY...

Lime - Beautiful Day / Satisfied
More sunshine pop/psyche, this time from Akron, OH. This one's in STEREO!

Locomotive - Big City Car / Roberta
Great bluesy rock from late '69. These guys were from Seattle, and guitarist John Ussery still actively performs to this day.

Mount Rushmore - Stone Free / ('Cause) She's So Good To Me
Great heavy psyche version of Jimi Hendrix' classic. These guys were from San Francisco, but obviously never hung around with the likes of the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Santana, or even Aum for that matter...

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  1. Hello Dan thanks for sharing this amazing music with everyone. This is wonderful. Henri

  2. Congratulations with your 10th IDG upload. Amazing how each time you manage to come up with those lovely garage gems. Keep it up!


  3. Holy crap! You must have a hell of a collection. Big thanks again. This series is awesome.

  4. Hi Dan
    thanks a lot for this awsome tunes and the love and work you've put into your project. I discovered your blog just a couple of days ago.
    I like many very different kinds of music, but came lately back into garage and also psych of the late 60s. I was a teenager then and grew up with it...
    Happy trails

  5. Dan, this only the first box..Yeow! Cool. Ya know I even like the tunes that maybe people would say aren't quite up to snuff because they are a musical moment captured forever in time and sometimes with a few listens, some of these tunes can grow on I try not to take for granted any of these recordings. Even the worst occupy a musical moment captured on that little piece of plastic. I somes wonder where some of these people are now.I love this genre..this style of music.I'm just amazed at your collection.I really appreciate you scanning the labels too.That really makes it fun.Dan,thanks a lot for the hard work you put in to this to share your collection with us all...regards,John.

  6. Thanks again Dan (for the tenth time)great stuff yet again,please keep them comin'and thanks again.

  7. Fantastic blog you got here!
    The only way you can improve it is to post higher bit rate versions of the songs (256 or 320)... Any chance of that?
    If not, cool. This is still one of my favourite blogs out 'there'.

  8. Thanks for another killer compiliation. You have an amazing collection of records. Thanks for sharing them with everyone!

  9. Your continued benevolence is always appreciated. I agree, you do have very deep crates. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Peace and blessings.

  10. I really appreciate all your work with these. Nicely done.

    Thought you'd be interested that Doug Phillips was previously with The Dartells out of Southern California (bass/vox). One of his singles (although not "Here I Am" I don't think) was picked up by Atco around '69. He was later in the hippie/folk/rock group Cottonwood, which cut an album for ABC Records in '71.

  11. awesome collection! Love the music, silly question but you know anyone selling a copy of Four O'Clock Balloon - Dark Cobble Street / Two Heads? I know the band member, and would love to get a copy of the vinyl to hear myself in its glory.