Saturday, February 3, 2018

Updates 2/3/2018

Heres a bunch more re-ups of previous posts. For all of you who are trying to complete the "collection", please be patient. I'd love to devote every single day to this blog, but as we all know, life really gets in the way of things. In the meantime, enjoy. 
P.S. I just want to give all of you a heads up on the way Zippyshare operates. If there is no activity after 30 days, the link goes dead. I'm sure all who are following this should have plenty of time to download these, but I just figured I'd pass on the info.

Vol. 76 (pw Race Marbles)
Vol. 77 (pw Zombie Jamboree!)
Vol. 79 (pw The Bears)


  1. Hi Dan - thanks so much for the music. Is the pw for compilation 78 correct? Can't seem to open it. Thanks, Ken

  2. DannyBhoy Yir keein it real my friend.
    Fuck all the greed merchants and pricks....NO PASERAN! they will not pass. Just listen to Lonnie and his legends....Two of the most uptempo/goal getting tunes I've ever heard.......No1 Our Dan....SCOTLAND IS PROUD OF YOU......G.B.T.P.

    1. And Dan's Garage is proud of Scotland!!!!!!!! Just trying to do my best here and glad you're enjoying it. This message is inspiring me to get off my ass and get another fresh post together. I'm hitting the turntable right now dammit! Thank you! Oh by the way... Lonnie & The Legends are great!!!!

  3. (hold) you yes I do little Boy Blue..
    well I've been so lonely I've been so sad because you're the best girl that I've ever had all love me tender and love me true soon I'll be your little Boy Blue(lead)

    Well you loved me day and I loved me night you picked me up instead of putting me down you love me tender love me true soon I'll be your little Boy Blue Boy Blue.....I love you.. yes I do little boy blue........ remembered and keep the tunes coming and telling everyone in Scotland and everyone around me about your blog keep the music coming down the tonto and the Renegades song especially for you soon I'll be your little Boy Blue....