Thursday, December 3, 2009

In Dan's Garage...#12

Yeah, what a week! I hope everyone had a great holiday, and for those across the Atlantic and around the globe, I hope your week was good too! Let me continue now with another offering of beat, garage, psyche... NUMBER 12!

Furys - Little Queenie / Baby What's Wrong
Here's a cool blaster from Minneapolis, MN home of the Trashmen and other fine midwest rockers. It shows too! You can hear the awesome twang and reverb on both sides of this record.

Gamma Goochie Himself - (You Got)The Gamma Goochie / I'm Gonna Buy Me A Dog
 Not exactly sure who the Gamma Goochie really was, but Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart produced this wacky frat rocker. They also wrote the flip, "I'm Gonna Buy Me A Dog" which eventually ended up on The Monkees first LP.

Paramounts - Bad Blood / Do I
  The Paramounts - Poison Ivy / I Feel Good All Over
 Before Gary Brooker sang "Whiter Shade Of Pale" and Robin Trower rocked us with "Bridge Of Sighs" (a guilty pleasure I must admit!!!) they both played on these two R&B influenced British Beat gems! One of the more overlooked groups from the 60's.

Shags - Wait And See / It Hurts Me Bad
 Great two sided garage 45 from New Haven, CT. Listen to another one on #9.

Leaping Ferns - Maybe Baby / It Never Works Out For Me
 When The Chantays of "Pipeline" fame weren't hangin' ten, they went around calling themselves "The Leaping Ferns" and played moody garage ballads and Buddy Holly covers. True greatness!

Lord Alan & Sir Richard - Run In The Dark / Little Things
Real cool british invasion influenced two sider! I think Freddy Cannon may have had something to do with this one....

Chevelles - Tears / Cottage For Two
 Rip roaring garage on the top side, and a weepy, yet cool, ballad on the B side. I know nothing about these guys except that this might be from Delaware......

Gentlemen - I Really Love You / Elephants
 From Madison, WI comes this great 2 sider. The A side is pretty good invasion stuff with terrific vocals, but the B side is pure genius. I'm not sure what the song is about, but the lyrics are nothing compared to the really clever arrangement on this song. I think there's three guitarists, all doing something different, and then there's the brilliant bashing drums, and those crazy staccato breaks with that twangy quirky guitar thing...Genius. Total genius.

Evel Encorporated - All I Really Want To Do / Baby It's You
 Formerly known as "Evel Enc. Group", they debuted with the fantastic "The Point Is". This, their seond, isn't quite as good, but it's not chopped liver either. A "Bob Dyland" cover on the A, and a cover of "Baby It's You" by way of the Beatles on the flip.

Untouchables - Love Is A Beautiful Thing
How can you go wrong with something on "Psychedelic Records"???? Unfortunately, the other side of this Rascals cover is real icky lounge pop.

 Carnaby Street Runners - Live And In Person (a)Land Of A 1000 Dances (b)Gimme Some Lovin' (c)Satisfaction
 Here's a real kooky 45 by the same crew who brought us The Lemon Pipers, The Music Explosion, The Ohio Express, and a bunch of other "bubblegum"rock acts. Actually, this is pretty cool. You've got some "bloke" with a fake British accent, and canned applause, with a very garagey band diong a medley of three standards. Not really half bad in my opinion...

 Love Affair - Let Me Know
 The Love Affair were one of the most popular bands in Britain 1968. Although most of their output was slushy pop, which they reportedly never played on, they were allowed to play on their B sides, and this one is great with a nice heavy guitar riff.

 Young & Wild - For What I Am
 This here is a really obscure 45. The only thing I know is that Danny Dallas produced some stuff in Michigan, which is where I think these guys might be from. It sounds like a later 60's thing, maybe even early 70's, but it's got a definite mid 60's garage vibe to it. Fantastic guitar riffs and very cool background vocals.

 Karma - New Mexico / N.S.U.
Another very obscure record, this time from Iowa. Fredlo Records relesed several 45 in the late 50's and early 60's but that's all I can tell you. Good heavy psyche on the A side, and a great version of a Cream tune on the B.

 Giant Crab - Hot Line Conversation / Hi Ho Silver Lining
 Two sides of terrific psyche from Santa Barbara, Ca. Dig It!!!

Grump - Heartbreak Hotel
 I'm not sure if Elvis would approve of this whacked out, heavy rendition of "Heartbreak Hotel", but I really do!!!

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