Sunday, September 25, 2011

The L.S.D. Enigma

lsd front
   Greetings once again friends! I’d like to use this precious free time I have today to plug two dear friends of mine and this new project that they've embarked upon. I’m talking about The L.S.D. Enigma and this new CD they’ve released. Here’s a little background: The band consists of two members, Dave Anderson on guitar, vocal, and harmonica, and Darren Brennessel on drums, both veterans of Rochester’s music scene. Dave and I go way back as we were both members of The Projectiles and The Riviera Playboys. Darren has been releasing cassette tapes and CDs under his own banner, McFadden’s Parachute, Darren played all the instruments on those issues except for one where he had an entire band, and Dave was deeply involved in that project.
  What we have here is tough to put a finger on because it’s just so different. Unlike most two man groups like The White Stripes, and The Flat Duo Jets, these guys take a more low key, folksy, yet definitely electric approach to their brand of garage/psyche. The results are an intoxicating, ambient stew that gets better the more you listen to it. The songs range from the driving garage of “All You Gotta Do Is Try”, to the outright psychedelia of “The Castle On The Hill” one of Darren’s originals. They even venture into Ennio Morricone territory with “El Duego Vaquero” where Dave dishes up some great Frankie Laine style vocals. Genius.
  I’ve included a “teaser” here for you to listen to, but if you’d like to buy a copy you’ll have to contact Dave at
Dig it….

All You Gotta Do Is Try 


  1. Dan,
    Thank you for such kind words and a great review! This is so cool of you! And for the the music you have provided, the images, the background on these groups! Priceless!
    Please enjoy my new album for 2012!