Monday, September 7, 2009

Obscure 60's Garage Vol. 15

This is it!!!! Holy Moly!!! The month of August, and the entire summer for that matter, really kicked my ass. I had so much to do aside from the everyday stuff I had to deal with, that I had precious little time to post anything. So here are the final three in this series of "comps". Now, I'll go on to some more interesting stuff in my collection, namely 45s, albums and comps that you rarely see posted. I also have another series of tapes from a local collector pal that runs about 30+ volumes, but that is a major undertaking, and I'll probably save that work for cold fall and winter days. In the meantime, enjoy these last three "Obscure" comps. Thanks to all for your comments and support. I'm trying to decide whether to post my 45 indiviually, or in a compilation format. Any input from all of you followers or passers by would be great. See you soon with more cool stuff....

Track list:

01. Reflections - Let Me Go
02. 21st Century Sound - Feeling Down
03. 21st Century Sound - The First Day
04. Ravens - Farmer's Daughter
05. Mal T's - Here To Stay
06. Oscar 5 - No More
07. Troyes - I Don't Need You
08. Pastels - For Your Love
09. Answer - Why You Smile
10. Hitch Hikers - Someday Baby
11. Esquires - Settle Down
12. Burlington Express - Evil Hearted Woman
13. Shandells Inc. - Just Cry
14. Group - What Could I Do
15. Vistas - I Don't Know
16. Eddie Cinninghan & The Love Rangers - Girl Don't Change Your Mind
17. Berkeley Five - You're Gone
18. Symbols - I Know That
19. Haymarket Riot - Trip On Out
20. Unknown - I Just Don't Know
21. Kandells - I Want You To Know
22. Bedlam 4 - My Baby Is Gone
23. Kandells - Shake It Baby
24. Kandells - I've Met Death
25. D.C. Drifters - Louisiana Blues
26. Sounds Like Us - The Other Side Of The Record
27. Benders - Got Me Down
28. Spacemen - Modman
29. Jay Horton - I Trip On You
30. Grapple - Snail
31. Grapple - Ethereal Genesis
32. Zendik - Is There No Peace
33. Zendik - Aesop

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  1. Howdy Dan.
    Good to see you back again.
    You asked for suggestions, well how about all at once...whoa now!
    Sorry, gotta little ahead of myself.
    A nice bit rate would be appreciated.
    Best Regards
    The Beaver

  2. welcome back dan!
    it could be great if you share with us both the 45's and the covers having proper size and resolution.
    i don't know why the record covers are almost always neglected!

    thank you for your work

  3. Thanks Dan! These are great. I'm new to your music blog and there is so much fantastic material here. Love it. Henri

  4. Great stuff Dan,Good job as always!!! A big thanks for all these cool comps! Sammy

  5. Many thanks Dan. I love the comps you've put together. My only request would be to limit each comp to, say, 30 tunes so they will fit on a cd. I always like to burn a disc for my truck.Other than that, rock on brother. I love your blog. Mike

  6. Some nice rarities on these comps, my personal wish would be for you to get the rarest stuff out first - we may not get another chance to hear them otherwise.

    Regards, Sikesponge

  7. Dan, I'm just grateful that you post these classic records. Do what you want to do when you want to do it... I'll wait patiently :)

    Peace and blessings.

  8. I would like to "follow" this blog, but don't see a link for that. Did I miss it?
    Thanks for these great posts!

  9. Whoops!
    I already am following!
    Thanks again!

  10. Loving your other comps Dan, but this .rar file is asking for a password. Do you have it?

    1. I checked this one and there is no password. Perhaps it's another file????